Tricky Tetra Tongue Twisters

 Really?! Triple Tongue Twisters is a thoughtful, enjoyable, and most educational gift for all ages.

A fun game to play on family game nights, vacations, and sleepovers.


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Can you say “Which Swiss Wrist Watch” 3-times fast?
The only “Go-Fish with a Twist” tongue twister card game series. Laugh as you learn with challenging and hilarious tongue twisters for all ages! 4 unique and fun gameplay variations to develop linguistic skills and improve pronunciation, enunciation, accent, memory, and more.

Get Hilariously Tongue-Tied – Can you say “Which Swiss Wrist Watch” out loud, 3 times fast? Challenge your verbal skills with the funniest “Go-Fish with a Twist” card game for kids, tweens, teens, and adults.

A Fun Way to Develop Your Skills – Playing this educational game of tongue twisters improves pronunciation, enunciation, accent, memory, and more. Perfect your English with a twist each time you play.

4 Unique Ways to Play – Really?! Triple Tongue Twisters family card game for teens, kids and adults include easy-to-follow instructions for a unique 3-card gameplay. Enjoy fun gameplay variations with tongue twist challenges or play it as an amusing memory game, too.

Entertaining Card Games for Travel – Compact and easily stored this hilarious card game is not just for kids! Adults will have fun with it as well. An excellent addition to your travel game collection, just toss Triple Tongue Twisters in your bag and bring it with you wherever you go.

Quick Gameplay
Play Go-Fish as you usually do but with a 3-card set twist!

Collect a set by asking for cards from another player to complete any set in your hand. If the other player has card/s from the set you asked for, they will give them to you. If not, they will say “Go Twist” and you will take a card from the stockpile.
Once you collect a set, say the tongue twister set 3-times as fast as you can.
– If you are successful, keep the set and score the points
– If your tongue ties, try again on your next turn, and if your tongue still ties… LOOK OUT! … players can try to win your set on their turn!
Win! Sets with a star score 2 points and all other sets 1 point. The player with the most points wins!
Replay Value
4 unique and fun gameplay variations to develop your linguistic skills and practice your pronunciation, enunciation, accent, memory, and more.

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